Toner for the cartridge

by admin | 30th January 2013

The ink of the printer is also called as the toner of cartridge. It is a consumable part of the printer. It is usually in the powdered form. It contains plastic atoms, carbon and many additional coloring mediators and they form the real reflection on the paper. The printer has an electro statically charged drum component by which the toner is moved to the paper by the heated rollers throughout the printing procedure.


Many of the printers contain one or two unpreserved fractions. A printer may have one drum unit and toner cartridge or only one cartridge. The toner cartridges are just same as the ink cartridge. The process of transferring of the toner onto the paper is done by the thermal effect through heated rollers. A printer having two consumable parts will give better results than the one having only one consumable part. Increase in the consumable parts also causes an increase in the price of the printer.

Although, the toner cartridge produces high quality printouts but it also needs refilling just like other normal cartridges. One of the flaws of using toner is that it is very expensive. Sometimes, the price of the refill toner increases from the original price of the printer, such that a new printer can be brought in the same price of the toner.

So, the most of the people replace their printer machines instead of getting a toner refills. Other alternative which can be used instead of disposing printer is to get a toner refill kit.


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