The beauty of Empire Line dresses

by admin | 31st January 2013

The Empire Line skirt or dress is a thing of engineering genius. Not only can it hide bulges and forgive any extra large lunch you may have just eaten, but it does it whilst maintaining an outward air of elegance, sophistication and all-round femininity. These simple classics from Fever Designs really can change the way you think about clothes.

A great example is this Matilda navy dress, by Ruby Belle. It is also available in red, with a navy collar. Perfect for the office, meeting friends, walking the dog, visiting relatives and so much more! There are few situations where this dress would be inappropriate, and it can be smartened up with a few accessories or worn just as it is for a simple yet elegant look.

Matilda navy dress


The straight lines in the design give it a classic look, without ruffles, frills or fancy buttons to draw the eye. What it does is provides a curvy, feminine shape without clinging in any of the wrong places! Most women are all too aware that many dresses and designs simply don’t fit on all body types, and many trends are not possible for large numbers of women. It can be extremely frustrating when body shape means that you cannot keep up with the latest fashion or wear the same styles as friends.

Empire Line dresses are often said to be ideal for pear shapes, and became trendy towards the end of the eighteenth century. The shape is so flattering that women all over the world have continued to wear it ever since. The 60’s saw a massive revival, and now this is the decade being revisited by fashion guru’s everywhere! Catwalks, clothing stores and designers are making the most of this renewed interest and designing up to date dresses with a vintage feel. Even vintage bridesmaids dresses are massively popular, with bridesmaids taking advantage of this flattering trend!


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