Impact of Urban Style of Clothing on Formal and Informal Dressing

by admin | 9th July 2012

If we talk about the urban style of clothing than it constitute both formal and informal dressing. In the market we see there are huge verities of both male and female’s designs are available at every price range. If we take younger then they usually like to wear casual dress. So if we discuss about the men’s fashion then it is growing with the passage of time, we see many new designs are available in the market. Some men’s considered that cloths play an important to reflect your personality.

They always want to maintain their hair styles, so they always like to keep him update latest fashion and trends. But on the other side some men’s doesn’t take care about their fashion. They are not too much conscious about how they are looking.  Basically any fastidious clothing can choose and personalized to man’s style.


We see in our retailer stores now there are huge varieties of causal dresses are available. If we take dressing then females like to wear stylish t-shirts and jeans. Often we see they are wearing long and short skirts. Same as if we take male then they also like to wear stylish and rough jeans with stylish t-shirts. But if we talk about the urban style of clothing then it is not limited, with respect to age those females who are engaged in any job or something else they like to wear proper formal dressing. Now days markets are constitute in various ways in which formal dress has a major part. Male like to wear a pant coat with tie. Basically men’s fashion is too much miscellaneous than women. Couple of styles that could be worn casually can be worn formally. Nothing like many women clothes that are designs for some specified occasion but men’s clothes are capable of adapt little better.

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