How Fashion Sense impact on your personality

by admin | 11th April 2012

If we talk about the fashion sense than we see now days both male and female getting sense about fashion and updating trends. The major reality is that around the world the women’s are different from each others. There is no Cookie reaper body figure. Best look we see that really makes any sense and that is what women’s are always demanding. Usually if we see any women wearing colorful cloths and unluckily these colors are not matching with each other then we can say this fashion does not make any sense. Both male and female look perfect if they wearing clothing with respect to fashion and suitable colors. Not just colors are important also you body shape is important. If any women wearing very tight cloths but her body is big and that dress completely fits with her body and showing some unusual shapes and you are feeling uncomfortable in real sense that dress doesn’t suite with her body, at that time you spend your whole money for purchasing costly cloths will be ruthless.


If we talk about living by means of wardrobe than wardrobe is not something you like to wear. it is usually considered that the dress you wear usually reflects your personality. Basically your wardrobe is something you like, those cloths you wants, and your dreams. It is seems that with respect to your body shape the clothes reflect a perfect combination. Soothe, stylish and appear are the good sign.

If we talk about the fashion sense than it is not just your cloths it is also seems to be that your fashion should be under limit, because every fashion look good within limits. Not just the perfect combination should be your cloths but also with your footwear and outwear. If your wear some kind of charming color outwear like jackets with your dress pants which is often considered to be a formal dressing than often you look strange. Many people don’t like your style that directly reflects on your personality.

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