Fashion of Diamond Rings

by admin | 11th August 2012

It is true that Diamonds are women’s best friend and it is quite deadly combination if they are embedded in rings. There are several occasions when you purchase diamond rings especially when there are active discount period on diamond jewellery. Mostly these rings are purchased for the purpose of engagement and just for record the trend of these diamond engagement rings is dated back to 14 century. As centuries passed style, design and finish of diamond rings also evolved from traditional look to more stylish and sophisticated appearance. Today you will find elegant yet stylish Fashion of Diamond Rings throughout the world.


During those early centuries there were limited choices on diamond rings in terms of pattern and colour but today you will find a wide array of choice on diamond rings whether it is colour or style. As there are numerous jewellers who offer fancy yet elegant collection in these diamond rings. Even the beauty of the diamond ring depends on its cut so let’s see some beautiful and different types of diamond cuts.

  1. 1.       Round Brilliant

About 70-75% diamond sold are in round shape that is why it is considered one of the most common types of cut in diamonds.

  1. 2.       Oval

In order to provide the illusion of longer fingers oval shaped diamonds are frequently used in rings. Moreover the oval shaped diamonds are popular for reflecting light well.

  1. 3.       Pear and Marquise

Marquise diamonds are thin and long but are slightly thicker in middle otherwise they are quite similar to oval shaped diamonds. The Pear shaped diamond is basically the middle name of oval and marquise shape.

  1. 4.       Heart

Heart shape diamond is also appearing almost in oval shape except that it has a cleft on its top that gives it a heart shape appearance. It is quite difficult to find the perfect heart shaped diamond. So these are some of the latest Fashion of Diamond Rings that you can consider.


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