Enhance Your Costume With Fancy Dress Accessories

by admin | 16th January 2013

The right Retail Zone fancy dress accessories can greatly enhance fancy dress costumes no matter the occasions. Fancy dress parties can be great fun for adults and children. Whether you are creating a generic costume to carry out an original idea or emulating a favourite figure from popular culture, you can use different types of accessories to complete your ensemble and create a costume that will have everyone talking. The trick is to find the right accessories without overdoing it.

Retail Zone fancy dress accessories


Wigs are not only one of the most popular ways to accessorize a costume but also one of the most effective. Wigs are especially useful for those who intend to portray familiar popular culture figures. For instance, many people can still immediately identify Cher with long black raven hair as well as her curly 1980s style. Furthermore, wigs can also be a great way to enhance a generic costume such as an 80s pop singer, a Victorian costume or even a cabaret or bride of Frankenstein costume.


Many people also enjoy having fancy soirees or other occasions that call for masquerade masks. Not only are these fun but they can also be very fashionable for the person who likes to be stylish with a fancy dress costume. While many of these masks can be found in solid colours to go with any costume, there are others that have other touches such as sequins, bows, braids, netting and other accents to make them distinct.


Those who like to cosplay or dress as their favourite popular culture characters know that props are essential to creating the illusion. For instance, what is Batman without his utility belt? Hermione Granger can be even more identifiable with her distinct wand and time turner necklace. Even other props like a bow and arrow can turn a generic archer into Katniss. Other generic props like toy guns, handcuffs and lassos can be used for generic costumes.

Face Accessories

Makeup can also add the right effect when you know how to use it. For instance, you can make up your face like a cat or turn yourself into a zombie. Fangs will turn you into a vampire while a beard and moustache can make you an even better pirate figure. Of course there are many other fancy dress accessories you can use to enhance your costume no matter how you plan to dress or the specific occasion.

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