Barbour Jackets, Old And New

by admin | 16th January 2013

Barbour has been making clothes for practical purposes for almost 120 years. If you do not know what their line looks like, think back to any movie, newscast, or documentary where a landlord surveyed his property somewhere in England. That is exactly the Barbour jackets from Tessuti look, made also for women and for children. What worked then continues to work now.

Varying the Look

While the look of an English land owner is what stands out in the history of Barbour jackets, there is also a movement to include more, such as the biking jacket. Women, for instance, can choose a bright-colour, shiny biking jacket with a side zip, quilted for comfort and warmth, yet also showing off a womanly figure.

A side-zip leather biker jacket comes to the waist or drops a little bit lower to cover the obvious extremities. To keep women from being shapeless, belts are fitted around the middle of many longer coats.

Going Back in Time

There is also a design trend to honor fallen heroes of past wars, including those captured in fictional movies based on World War II events and other conflicts. In particular, if you can think of a Steve McQueen movie, you probably have the right idea. Imagine belted coats buttoned almost to the neck. Almost any Steve McQueen has been inspirational. See the short zip-up jacket with its elasticated waistband and elasticated wrists.

Layers upon Layers

Barbour keeps the layers coming by lining their coats, sometimes with fetching feminine patterns, bright orange, or with plaid. Sometimes the lining is relatively plain but the point is that it is warm. On the outside, zips are covered with button-up flaps. Hoods are removable. Pockets help you to keep hands warm or articles dry, such as a map. Snaps are reliable. This is one reason Barbour jackets continue to be so loved by men and women throughout the generations: they really are practical.

Features to Watch For

Keep an eye out for toggles on men’s coats. Note the presence of badges in the Steve McQueen collection. Some of the McQueen and Heritage items also sport what looks like staining to suggest weather and wear.

For the Kids

Looks for little ones, tweens, and teenagers mimic those of their parents. While the dads get browns and greens, girls can enjoy some brighter shades. Males of all ages appreciate camouflage.

Summer Coming

Keep your eyes open for new summer jackets coming soon. Both men and women will get to choose from some brighter colours in honor of the sunnier weather.

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